MITOSIS – A sketch animation from the short film ANALYSIS

This sketch animation was a conceptual work from Pierre DeCelles to personalize the “Cellular Automatons” or computer mathematical modeling developed first by Professor Stephen Wolfram of Wolfram Alpha
This fits into visualizing the mathematical analysis done by the main character, Tina, a young math genius in the short film ANALYSIS. In the film, she is trying to use massive cloud computing to model human behavior, in part because social interaction is a mystery to this solitary maths genius. This relates to her equation in that cells that do not get along , die out, while those that do interact well, form colonies of ever greater complexity.
Pierre is a master animator that has directed several feature animation films, the animated TV series SPIRAL ZONE and worked on projects like THE POUND PUPPIES and THE ADVENTURES OF LITTLE TOOT..
Pierre has hand-drawn over 600 cells of beautiful animation for this 90 second segment and we would like to share this with you.

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