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Hey everyone, /u/jaxspider here, I am the acting head mod of this subreddit. The present head mod has been AFK for a long time. Which is not fair to this subreddit. This subreddit really deserves to be treated properly. This is where you glorious bastards come in… We are looking for new mods starting **NOW**.

##The Plan

A little under seven months ago, /r/PowerRangers was having the same exact dilemma as /r/Animation. Where a great community was lacking proper moderation. What people don’t realize is that mods don’t just remove posts and ban trolls. That is the ~~easy part~~ unthankful janitorial job. Mods help create a warm and friendly environment for users to further become active in the community. They host weekly discussion threads, contests, run chatrooms, hold AMAs, get continuous community feedback, and so much more.

In the course of a few months I had assembled an ~~superb~~ Morphinominal team of redditors who have done amazing work and have completely revitalized /r/PowerRangers. I can honestly say, I am so proud of the work the mods have done there. They are now shimmering in their 25th MMPR TV anniversary glow. And that community seriously deserved it.

With your help, I want to do the same exact thing here. With good mods, this subreddit can be redrawn to our liking. They say the best fans are the passionate ones, so apply today!

##Positions For Hire

* One CSS specialist.
* Two reports & spam specialists.
* One modmail specialist.
* One bot specialist.
* Two Extracurricular specialists.
* Two Subreddit Promoters.

##Position Description

### CSS Specialist

We are looking for one talented individual who knows reddit’s version of CSS inside out. Also know how to take care of new reddit’s cookie cutter layout editor.

### Report & Spam Specialist

We are looking for two passionate people who do not need any technical know how. You would routinely check the report and spam tabs respectively. This usually takes about 5 minutes per day, and at the most 15 minutes. Ideally, one person would check in the morning and the other in the late afternoon.

###Modmail Specialist.

Similar to the report & spam specialist, no advanced knowledge is needed. You simply check the modmail twice a day. You reply back to people, approve links that got auto removed by accident and overall are the first contact with people needing assistance. Takes 10 minutes on busy days.

###Bot Specialist.

We are looking for a tech genius to make and maintain a few in house bots. They would be used to help automate and ease the workload for the mods.

###Extracurricular Specialists.

This is what I consider the hardest position. Two passionate people who are motivated to make this subreddit more active. This would be via contests, hosting AMAs, holding daily discussion threads and other out of box community building ideas. These guys would help get the community to be more active as a whole via daily participation. They would be active in threads and be visible setting examples of how good community members should be. Basically role models.

#Subreddit Promoters.

Two super active users who know exactly how to promote this subreddit. You can use any legal method in your arsenal. From crossposting, mentioning in a comment thread, to any thing that comes into your mind. There are so many users that love animation but have no idea we even exist, your unpaid job would be to inform and make aware that we exist and are here for them.

|Qualification| Requirement | Teachable |
| Redditor for +1 year | Mandatory | X |
| Passionate Animation fan | Mandatory | X |
| Positive active history on /r/Animation. | Mandatory | X |
| Not a Troll / Asshole | Mandatory | X |
| 1 full hour a day to mod | Mandatory | X |
| Easily reachable on reddit | Mandatory | X |
| Reply back to PMs in a timely manner | Mandatory | X |
| Inform others when not available. With Timeline. | Mandatory | X |
| Speak fluent English. | Mandatory | X |
| Not a subreddit collector | Mandatory | X |
| Knowledge in modding | Not required | I can teach you |

##How To Apply

* Simply leave a detailed comment below.
* Mention exactly what position you want. From the [Positions For Hire] list above.
* You must say what qualifications you have and what you are good at.
* If you have anything else to offer, please mention it.
* If you have anything negative about yourself, explaining it to me now would be better than me finding out later.
* Your comment is your resume.

##Mods Selection Method

* I am going to leave this post up for a while so everyone gets a fair chance to apply.
* I will contact you personally if you are selected.
* If you accept, I’ll send you an invite to the mod team.
* If you are selected and don’t meet up to our’s high standards I will remove you from the mod team without warning.
* If you don’t hear back from me at all… don’t take it personally and do not harass me.
* You are welcome to reapply the next time.
* Thank you all for applying.

##New Potential Mods

I have invited the following mods to our team.

* /u/
* /u/
* /u/
* /u/
* /u/

~~**Applications are now closed.**~~


1. My English is garbage so forgive me in advice.
2. Any new info will be at the bottom of this post but above the **Edits**.
3. Adding more text as I keep coming back to this.
4. ~~I have invited to our mod team.~~
5. Added a new section called Position Description. With a run down what each position does.


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