MOI, MICHEL G // Animation Showreel

A film by Stéphane Kazandjian

Art direction (animated sequences) : Yann Deval

Yann Deval : Design & 2D/3D Animation
Boris Wilmot : Design & 2D Animation
Thomas Fage : Design
Amandine Grafé : Design
Stéphane Laplatte : Design & 3D Animation

Production : Delante Films / Scope Pictures

September 2010

“Moi, Michel G, Milliardaire, Maître du monde” is a comedy by Stéphane Kazandjian,
built as a fake documentary about a loan shark (Francois-Xavier Demaison).

France release: 27 April 2011
Belgium release : May 4, 2011

Our team was pleased to work on the animation sequences throughout the movie, and other various effects
(opening sequence, titles) in motion graphics.

The fictional director of the fake documentary (Laurent Lafitte), uses short animated sequences to explain the shenanigans of the businessman, and this way express his satirical vision of the economy.

Stéphane Kazandjian wanted to insert a few didactic elements about the complex mechanism of the world of finance:
“The use of animation, in addition to its graphic appeal, also emphasizes the fun side of business, and participates in making the movie more quirky. Instead of boring graphs, we find ourselves with colorful little bickering characters. This immediately defuses the sacrosanct economy “(

Download press material (interview with the animators, animations screenshots, photos of the film, press kit) here:

Collective // Motion Graphics & Music
Yann Deval – Boris Wilmot – Thomas Fage – Stéphane Laplatte

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