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Motion Analysis Launches ‘Basix Go’


Motion Analysis Launches ‘Basix Go’

Motion Analysis Corporation has released BaSix Go, an innovative, lightweight, and easy-to-use motion capture software streamlined for the animation industry and will be showcasing it on September 21 during a live virtual launch.

The lightweight software allows users to select an animated character, equip BaSix active markers (which replace a mocap suit), and then stream live animation data directly to major animation packages – all in under 60 seconds.

“BaSix Go simplifies and speeds up the animation and previz process,” explained Motion Analysis global vice president of sales, Lucy Keighley. “Setup and calibration of the system are quick, and the software is extremely easy to learn and use.”

Key features include:

  • A simple, intuitive user interface
  • Ability to immerse subjects within minutes
  • Only requires the use of six BaSix active markers per subject
  • A single BaSix active marker can be used to track a prop
  • Compatible with all major animation packages, including Maya, Motion Builder, Unreal and Unity
  • FBX skinning is supported

Integration with BaSix suitless markers:

Available on an annual license, BaSix Go integrates with Motion Analysis’ suitless full-body active marker system, which includes six active markers that are easily secured using comfortable gloves, a visor, a belt, and foot straps.

The system can be seen in action at the live virtual launch demo on September 21, where Motion Analysis will host the official launch of BaSix Go, broadcasting live from client Centroid Motion Capture’s new motion capture facility in the UK.

Register for the launch demo here.

Source: Motion Analysis Corporation

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