Nickelodeon’s CG-Animated Leprechaun Tale “Lucky”


Hey everyone! Here is the trailer for the upcoming CG Animated Nickeldeon Original Movie that I was a part of in the past. The movie is called “Lucky” and as described in the article:

“*Lucky* tells the story of Hap McSweeney (Sizemore), a leprechaun cursed with horrible luck after a dragon stole his family’s pot of gold many years ago. While on a field trip to the mansion of the luckiest and most mysterious man in Fortune City, Houlihan (Hamill), Hap and his three best friends Shannon (Kosarin), a hotheaded elf; Sammy (Funches), a gentle giant; and Reggie (Borg), a wild gremlin, stumble upon a particularly familiar pot of gold and must form a plan to pull off the ultimate heist to steal back the McSweeney gold and restore the family’s luck. All of that and more is teased in the TV movie’s first trailer! ”

It airs tomorrow night, Friday March 8th at 7PM (ET/PT) on Nickeldoeon in the USA. I provided a link as well that shares further information on international air dates, since those are later in the month. This was a fun project to be a part of so I hope everyone who tunes in enjoys the final product!


This link provides international premiere dates[](


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