NZIFF 2018 | Animation NOW!

“For the third consecutive year, we are proud to present the Animation NOW! Festival, a smorgasbord of animated shorts from the world over. Myriad voices and styles are packed into six thought-provoking and artistically distinct collections of animated shorts curated by Malcolm Turner and Annie Murray.”

As part of my volunteering with NZIFF in 2018, I created a trailer to promote the special Animation NOW! event in Auckland. Clips from 6 animated short films were required and it had to be a maximum of 60 seconds in length. I edited the footage together with a title sequence and motion graphics to support the clips.

Special thanks to Sharon Byrne, Rebecca McMillan, Lisa Bomash and Bex Shannon.

Clips are from the following shorts:

Crazy Towne – Afterwork – Luis Usón, Andres Aguilar
Dark Hearts – Riot – Frank Ternier
Fresh Eyes On Estonia – Letting Go – Ulo Pikkov
Hand Made – Negative Space – Max Porter, Ru Kuwahata
International Showcase – Five Thirty Five – Alex Dunford
Morph n Move – Knockstrike – Genís Rigol Alzola, Marc Torices, `Pau Anglada

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