One Minute Films Exhibition // Trailer

In this fast paced world that we live in, with information and imagery coming at us from all directions, it is hard to escape what we consume on a daily basis. This exhibition focuses on short films and what they can be outside of what we are so familiar with. The artists included in this exhibition, have created films that take us to a whole new place filled with imagination, creative stories, and experimental ideas. Whether it be the films by Arron Foster and Martin Nelson, both using experimental video footage, but one pairs that media with other animated elements created through hand and digital processes, while the other adds edited voicemails to create an interesting story of a man’s life on the road, or Zoe Cinel’s film that explores the beauty and architectural designs that make up the Castle of Sammezzano, in Tuscany, Italy, each film is unique in its own way and shows a variety of imagery, creativity, and cultural aspects from their given regions all composed into one minute of footage. Films created in experimental, surreal, animation, found footage, silent, and documentary themes will be on display. Artists from the following countries will be taking part in this exhibition: USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Hong Kong, Macedonia, Trinidad and Tobago, France, Norway, Slovenia, and Iran. All films will run on a continuous loop in the gallery and last for around 40 minutes.

Participating Artists: Brian Hart, Peter Barnard, Crystal Beiersdorfer, Jean-Philippe Paumier, Johannes Christopher Gerard, Hande Zerkin, Teresa Leung, Darko Aleksovski, Sebastian De Lancey, Elijah Davis, Penelope Anstruther, Jean-Michel Rolland, Tracy Brown, Myrte Van Der Molen, Suzanne Schireson, Herve All, Sean Costas, Peter Christenson, Phil Mudd, Martin Nelson, Mitchell Cory Nelson, Brian Harris, Cedric Van Eenoo, Zainab Haidary, Anja Malec, Arron Foster, Vanja Mervic, Ariel Jackson, Reza Rafiei Rad, and Zoe Cinel.

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