Ragnarok TRAILER

8 minutes puppet animation film written and directed by Urtė and Johan Oettinger

The storm is coming. The Eagle is captured by the spirit of the doom. A bullet is fired to the eagle’s fatal battle.

Produced by Art shot and WiredFly
Lithuania, Denmark, 2016

– Lithuanian Film Academy award for The Best Animated Film of 2016;
– Mention of Honour, BLUE SEA Film Festival 2017, Finland;
– Best Nordic Film, International Animated Film Festival ReAnima 2017, Norway;
– Best Animation Short Film, Bahia Independent Cinema Festival 2017, Brazil;
– Best Animated Short Film, International Film Festival SUSTEFEST, 2017, Mexico;
– Best Animated Short Film, Short Of The Year 2017, Spain.

– Vilnius International Film Festival KINO PAVASARIS 2016, Lithuania, International Competition (PREMIER);
– ODENSE International Film Festival 2017, Denmark, International, National, Animation Competitions;
– ENCOUNTERS Short Film and Animation Festival 2017, International Competition
– VILNIUS International Short Film Festival 2017, Lithuania, National Competition;
– Stop Motion BARCELONA Short Film Festival 2017, Spain, International Competition;
– BOSTON Short Film Festival 2017, USA, International Competition;
– Festival Stop Motion MONTREAL 2017, Canada, Professional Films Competition;
– BEAST International Film Festival 2017, Portugal, East Wave – Fiction Competition;
– Festival Court Métrange 2017, France, International Competition;
– HAAPSALU Horror & Fantasy Film Festival 2017, Estonia, Best Shorts of the World;
– LAGO Film Fest 2017, Italy, Focus on Baltic Countries;
– BLUE SEA Film Festival 2017, Finland, Baltic Herring Professionals Competition;
– Animation film festival of Bourg-en-Bresse 2017, France;
– Animasyros International Animation Festival 2017, Greece, 28 European Animation Narratives;
– CyBorg Film Festival 2017, Italy, Competitive section: Anime;
– Kaohsiung Film Festival 2017, Taiwan, International Short Film Competition
– Anima Sao 2017, Brasil, Special program “Balaio”;
– International Animated Film Festival ReAnima 2017, Norway, International Competition;
– BANJALUKA International Animated Film Festival, 2017, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Main Competition;
– International Festival of Animated Films TOFUZI, 2017, Georgia, Film For Adults Competition;
– CINANIMA International Animated Films Festival, 2017, Portugal, Grand Panorama;
– Catacumba Film Festival, 2017, Spain, Stop Motion Section;
– Kansas International Film Festival, USA, Animation Shorts Selection;
– International Film Festival SUSTEFEST, 2017, Mexico, Minutos de Terror Selection;
– International Short Film Festival CURTAS, 2017, Spain, Official Selection;
– Cyber Sousa Xiamen International Animation Festival 2017, China, International Competition;
– Litauisches Kino Goes Berlin 2017, Germany, Short Film Competition;
– Fredrikstad Animation Festival 2017, Norway, Nordic-Baltic Competition;
– International Short Film Festival Berlin INTERFILM, 2017, Germany, International Competition – Animated;
– International Independent Film Festival CINEMAFORUM 2017, Poland, International Short Film Competition;
– Cardiff International Film Festival 2017, UK, International Competition;
– Interdimensional Horror & Sci-Fi Festival: Sacalacalaca 2017, Mexico, International Competition;
– Fake Flesh Film Fest 2017, Canada, Best Short Horror Competition
– Copenhagen ShortFilm Festival 2017, Denmark, New Danish Shorts;
– IXTENCO Short Film Festival, Mexico, Official Selection;
– Festival de Cortometrajes de Íscar 2017, Spain, Official Selection;
– Festival of Independent Animation GIRAF 2017, Canada, Official Selection;
– Bahia Independent Cinema Festival 2017, Brazil, Official Selection;
– Festival de Cine del Sur 2017, Colombia, Official Selection;
– Festival Internacional de Cine Silente, Mexico, International Competition;
– Sound and Image Challenge International Festival 2017, Macau, Shorts Competition;
– ANIMATEKA International Animated Film Festival 2017, Slovenia, Eastern and Central European competition;
– REANIMANIA Yerevan International Animated Films Festival 2017, Armenia, Competition Program;
– Animax Skopje Fest 2017, Macedonia, International Competition;
– Festival VIDEOBABEL 2017, Peru, International Competition;
– Shorty Week Film Fest 2017, Spain, Official Selection;
– MOSI FEST 2017, Canada, Official Selection;
– FINCORTEX International Short Film Festival 2017, Colombia, Official Selection;
– VOID Film Festival 2018, Denmark, International Competition;
– Sylhet Film Festival 2018, Bangladesh, International Competition;
– Madeira Fantastic FilmFest 2018, Portugal, International Competition;
– Kiné Muestra Internacional de cortometrajes 2018, Mexico, Official Selection;
– Northwest Animation Festival 2018, USA, Official Selection;
– Brasil Stop Motion 2018, Brasil, Official Selection.

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