Revolutionizing Animation Production — Efficiency Sparks Creativity | Shuzo John Shiota | TEDxKyoto

Revolutionizing Animation Production — Efficiency Sparks Creativity | Shuzo John Shiota | TEDxKyoto

Efficient ways of animation productions

Animation productions is a very intricate and disciplined process which needs its own time to evolve.

The field of animation has grown day by day and that is why it needs a lot of efficiency or efficient ways in which it could raise the level of films, cartoons and games.

The need for efficiency in creativity

Creativity is something which flows out of a creator and it is epic in nature. In the field of animation, creativity can be designing of models, writing the script, photography, directing the shots and more.

Only creativity will not end up making a movie but it also requires efficiency.  This means that the whole team has to work together with all its strength, dedication and hard work which will result in a full proof animated film.

Art is another factor which affects the manufacturing of animation. Artists cannot work in a time bound and deadlines situations, as pressurizing cannot bring the art out of an artist. It needs its own time and space to spread the colours. The way the artists can improve their efficiency is by working in a silent atmosphere and that can surely be obtained in night hours.

Role of managers in the field of animation

Animation has now become a very complex and vast field to control. In the manufacturing of animations, a lot of people from different nations are working together for several hours to perform their tasks of making a short film.

Artists are not only those who produce or create something but can be the managers who are managing huge amount of situations and data.

Managers have good communication skills by which they are able to handle the situations very smartly and due to which communication is a successful element of animation production.

Need for motivation   

Motivation management is another efficient way of making quality animation films.

The speaker in the video shares his views on the emotional engagement of the artist with themselves. He also reveals that in the field of animation equal energy should be spent on parties and work.

At the end of the day, the work should be full of fun, positive energy and confidence which will enable the animators, managers, directors to perform their tasks in the best efficient ways.   

Shuzo John Shiota | TEDxKyoto