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Seth Meyers Says Every Day With Trump Is Like ‘Fight Club’

Trevor Noah found it interesting that Vice President Mike Pence was reported to have backed both of Trump’s decisions.

“Wait, what? The vice president supported launching airstrikes and not launching airstrikes? I’ve got to say, the last thing I expected to hear about Mike Pence is that he swings both ways.” — TREVOR NOAH

In a tweet last week, Trump said the military had been “cocked and loaded” when he called off the Iran strike.

“The expression is ‘locked and loaded.’ [As Trump:] I’m telling you, we were cocked and loaded, we were at Defcock 5, about to rain down a little cock and awe.” — STEPHEN COLBERT

“Even worse, Trump made the same mistake when he said he’s between a rock and a hard place.” — JIMMY FALLON

“‘Cocked and loaded’ sounds like the name of a Tom Green movie where a guy takes a road trip with a rooster.” — SETH MEYERS

“The Late Show” parodied Trump’s interview with Chuck Todd in “Meet the Colbert.”

Desus & Mero went in on the Democratic candidates and their “swaggerless” favorite comfort foods.

Olivia Munn will stop by her old stomping grounds, “The Daily Show,” to chat about a new season of “The Rook.”

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