Shelter – Shortfilm

A VFS foundation final short film project. Shot in the scenic coastal city of Vancouver. SHELTER tells the story of a homeless man (Joseph Taormina) and a stray dog’s (Wapisiw) venture through the city. From the rundown urban streets of Hastings, to the panoramic bay sides of Waterfront, together they go on an introspective journey to find the true meaning of home.

Director/Writer/Editor: Jeff Rocha
Matt Shaw: D.O.P/ 2nd AD
Julian Chapdelaine: 1st AD/Production Mngr
Adam Buhler: Asst. D.O.P/Cam Op
Naseef Izzudin: First AC
Denise Allen: Dog Wrangler
Chan Hyung Lee: Sound Designer

Original Score by Joel Saladino

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