Short Introduction, Assessment 2.

Minor Assessment (2)

For my minor assessment I have decided to create a short introduction film for my YouTube channel. The reason for this is i wanted to create something which presented originality for my Youtube channel as a whole, give the audience a small idea of my films before watching.

The short introduction will consist of 2 second long clips of all the spontaneous adventures I have encountered and filmed along the way with animated infograph . This will give my viewers a visual vibe of my channel before watching the rest of my video.

Through showing these 2 seconds clips I will also be animating certain and more bold parts of the clips, freeze framing them so it easier to pick up the detail of what I am trying to convey through animation. I will be using key words to help also, radiate a feel to my video.
Words such as, “Welcome.”, “Capture”, “Experience Nature.”, “Feel.”, “Just do it,”
Then right towards then end of my short introduction, I will have my logo for my YouTube channel.
I will be manipulating my clips with the applications ‘Lightroom’, ‘IMovie’ and ‘After Effects’.

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