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Small Acts Matter | The Story of Telling

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Small Acts Matter | The Story of Telling

It was still dark when a dishevelled man wearing a hoodie walked into the city centre convenience store at 6 am. He seemed agitated. He swore loudly when he realised he didn’t have enough money for a big bottle of Fanta.

The sales assistant asked if she could help him. The man explained that he had $2.50 and couldn’t afford the drink he wanted. Without missing a beat, the assistant came from behind the counter and showed him where the small, more affordable cans were stacked. As he was paying, she looked him in the eye and asked if he’d like a straw.

It took a moment for her question to register. The man looked puzzled for a second, pausing before accepting.

‘Yes, please,’ he whispered as if she’d offered him the world. Which of course, by treating him with dignity, she had.

How we serve matters. Our smallest acts have the power to make the biggest difference.

Image by Tina Leggio

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