Sophie WY Tse | Animation Showreel 2016

A compilation of my professional work up to July 2016 with some old favourites.
Responsible for all animation unless noted.
All keyframe animated, using XSI, Maya and Lightwave.


[001] 00:01 Short animation ‘New Year’, Treehouse Studio.
[002] 00:07 TVC for Oronamin C, Treehouse Studio.
[003] 00:11 TVC for Watsons Water, Treehouse Studio..
[004] 00:24 TVC for OPPO, Treehouse Studio.
[005] 00:29 TVC for Suntory, freelance project. Props from 00:33 not animated.
[006] 00:35 TVC for Clorox, Treehouse Studio. Also responsible for camera matching.
[007] 00:41 TVC for Cow & Gate, Treehouse Studio.
[008] 00:45 Short animation ‘Fishy’, Treehouse Studio.
[009] 00:53 TVC for Dragons Range Property, Treehouse Studio.
[010] 00:58 Animated feature film ‘Wings: Sky Force Heroes’, T-FILMS. BG crowds from 01:01 not animated.
[011] 01:11 TVC for Samsonite Kamiliant, Treehouse Studio.

Thanks for the Music by Eric Matyas

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