Stay In Touch – a short animated film by Rachel Crawford

Through this time-based experimental animation, I explore and depict the negative impact the COVID-19 pandemic and isolation have on many individual’s mental health. I am focused on the idea of “staying in touch” and how quarantine and the pandemic impacted and continues to impact how we connect with other people, from a distance and virtually.

This piece explores self-isolation both inside your head and inside technology, within a larger context of a global pandemic. With the intent to understand my own and others’ struggles with mental health during isolation, I created this animation to capture and express certain emotions, behaviors, and the evolution of connection through narrative and experimental storytelling.

This is student work for a New Media course at the University of Virginia. Artistic research stems from other short films like Chen Winner’s “Interviews,” Bronwyn Maloney’s “Serpentine,” and Alisha Liu’s “3:45.”

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