Stephen McCallum – Animation Demo Reel

I live, work and dream way out here on the west coast of Canada. In the eighties, I directed two short animated films for the NFB. I won some awards and traveled to a quite a few festivals – a very rich and wonderful experience but not very lucrative. So, In the nineties, I ventured into commercial animation to pay the bills and learn more about that side of the animation biz. In 1993, I did an overseas stint (Taiwan) as Animation Director for Hannah Barbara on the Flintstones. Then, I moved to back to the coast (Victoria) where I fell in to the world of animation for video games. I worked pretty steadily in the game industry for the next two decades with various studios including Disney Interactive and Radical Entertainment. In 2010, I collaborated with the Vancouver studio, East Side Games to create the hit Facebook game, Pot Farm. Pot Farm was a lot of fun and kept me pretty busy for two years but I sold my share of the game in 2012. Since then, I’ve been working freelance with various studios and developing personal and entrepreneurial projects on the side including my own publishing company. I’m always looking for new and interesting creative projects. So, it`s been an interesting and sometimes crazy 30 years of animation and art making. I`ve worked with so many different mediums, styles and techniques – hard to believe it all came out of the same brain, at times. Anyway, I hope this demo reel ties it all together in an entertaining way. Enjoy!

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