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The Rookies Launches 2019 Global Competition

ADELAIDE — Sponsored by Autodesk, The Rookies has announced the call for entries to their global competition, the Rookie Awards 2019, which is open to amateur creatives in visual effects, animation, games, virtual reality, motion graphics and 3D visualization. The final submission deadline is May

The 6 Steps of Animation

  The 6 Steps of Animation Hey guys in this video I’m going to take you through the six steps of animation while showing and talking about each step in detail for this tutorial I actually animated a shot from scratch just for you and

Research Collaboration – Humber & AMD

Research Collaboration – Humber & AMD The aim of this project was to create some animation in an environment that will show off some tech from AMD which was basically the hair that goes onto this character that we were working with. There was a

Fox and the Whale | Short of the Week #043

   Fox and the Whale | Short of the Week #043  canadian-animated-short-fox-whale-among-10-films-oscar-race/ This week we have a very long and a very slow but beautiful animated shoop. (new age music wave) (fire burning) (night howls) So this week’s short, Fox and the Whale by

The Animated Films That Shined in 2017

The Animated Films That Shined in 2017 While it may not have been a year abundant with great animated features, 2017 was a year which contributed entertainment, heart, and innovation to the medium through a few special films.Every year, the world of animation continues to

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