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Disney Heir Condemns Bob Iger’s ‘Insane’ Salary

Abigail Disney, grandniece of Walt Disney, had a few choice words about Disney CEO Robert Iger’s salary last Thursday, condemning his recently reported fiscal 2018 compensation of $65.6 million as “insane.” Speaking on a panel at last week’s Fast Company Impact Council, the noted filmmaker,

Disney Closes Acquisition of 21st Century Fox

Updated art featuring both Disney and Fox characters has been added to the home page of the official Disney website. Image: The Walt Disney Company. On Tuesday night at midnight, The Walt Disney company officially took over the reins of the bulk of 21st Century

The Stagnation of Disney’s Hand Drawn Animation

 The Stagnation of Disney’s Hand Drawn Animation Hand drawn, 2-Dimensional Animation has long been a way for stories to be told with style, substance and meaning. While the methods for animating in this manner have changed due to technological advancement and based on the

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