‘Moomin Animations – Thrills and Cuddles’ Opens at National Children’s Museum in D.C.

The Moomins have arrived at the National Children’s Museum - the subject of a visiting exhibition on loan from the Moomin Museum located in Tampere, Finland. The exhibition, “Moomin Animations – Thrills and Cuddles,” showcases the universal values of the creatures, such as equality, inclusion, and respect for nature. The iconic fairytale creatures living

Celsys and Wacom Set Free ‘Manga & Anime Days’ Digital Event

Celsys is partnering with Wacom to present “Manga & Anime Days,” a free 3-day worldwide all-digital event featuring workshops, presentations, and live drawing community events by and for creators. Various online sessions will address creative themes, such as manga-making, illustration, and portfolio reviews. The event runs From July 28 – 30. Register now – webinars: CLIP