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Disney Premieres 3 New Experimental Animated Shorts at Annecy

‘Jing Hua,’ by Jerry Huynh. When it comes to sharing exciting new animated projects, there’s arguably no place a more appreciative, enthusiastic and knowledgeable audience can be found than at the Annecy Festival. And each year for many years now, the folks at Walt Disney

Disney Releases New ‘Frozen 2’ Trailer

Elsa encounters a Nokk, a mystical water creature, in Disney’s ‘Frozen 2.’ Fans get a bigger glimpse at Elsa and Anna’s difficult and dangerous journey in the new trailer for Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Frozen 2, which opens in theatres November 22. Disney has revealed

The Stagnation of Disney’s Hand Drawn Animation

 The Stagnation of Disney’s Hand Drawn Animation Hand drawn, 2-Dimensional Animation has long been a way for stories to be told with style, substance and meaning. While the methods for animating in this manner have changed due to technological advancement and based on the

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