Polygon Pictures Expands to India

Polygon Pictures (PPI), the Japanese studio known for its digital animation work on projects like GODZILLA: Planet of the Monsters, Ajin: Demi-Human, BLAME! and Star Wars Resistance, has just announced they’ve launched a new wholly owned subsidiary, Polygon Studios India Private Limited (Polygon India) in Thane, a satellite city of Mumbai, that will specialize in rigging work. Sandeep Betharia

Technicolor and Oxfam India Partner on COVID-19 Relief Fundraiser

Bengaluru, India -- Technicolor, a leading global creative technology company, has partnered with Oxfam India for a fundraiser to provide immediate “on-the-ground” community support. With industry-leading VFX and animation studios in Bangalore and Mumbai, and engineering offices in Chennai, Technicolor has provided additional and expanded benefits and resources to its employees and their