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Small Acts Matter | The Story of Telling

It was still dark when a dishevelled man wearing a hoodie walked into the city centre convenience store at 6 am. He seemed agitated. He swore loudly when he realised he didn’t have enough money for a big bottle of Fanta. The sales assistant asked

A Word About Value | The Story of Telling

How much is an avocado worth? The answer is, it depends. It depends on the season, the stock levels, how much the customer wants it and the context in which they are buying or consuming it. Buy an avocado from the market, and it might

Marketing Advice | The Story of Telling

We’re on our way to buy that forgotten pint of milk late one weekday evening when we spot a brand new restaurant. So, we stop to take a look at the menu in the window. Inside the places is deserted, apart from two smiling waitresses,

Message Received | The Story of Telling

How much time will you spend today trying to persuade the people you hope to serve? How much effort will you devote to understanding how your message was received? Your job is to do more than to ask for feedback—it’s to test for resonance. You

Words And Deeds | The Story of Telling

When we moved to our neighbourhood, the independent organic grocer was a community hub. The sales staff knew locals by name. The fruit and vegetables were plentiful and fresh. And customers were offered food tastings every day. And then bit by bit things started to

Always, Sometimes, Never | The Story of Telling

Doing our best work requires us to pay attention to the things and people that energise us. One way to do this is to consider categorising potential opportunities, projects or clients into three buckets. Always, sometimes and never. The goal is to do more of

Build Your Darlings | The Story of Telling

It’s often said that you should kill your darlings. This sentiment was first expressed by British writer Arthur Quiller-Couch in 1914 when he cautioned writers not to fall in love with their prose at the expense of the reader. Here’s what he said. ‘Whenever you

How Good Is Your Story?

There’s a reason why this post about how to write a compelling about page is the most visited page on my website and has been since I wrote it almost eight years ago. It’s an ironic and universal truth, that the story we know best

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