Tapscape brings your music to life!

Don’t just listen to your favorite songs. Interact with them as you tap along. It’s like creating your own person light show for your music.

Tapscape lets you tap along to the beat as you create beautiful scrolling “tapscapes” of sound, movement, and color. Start with a song, and then create a canvas of colors and brushes that you feel best matches your emotions and thoughts for that song. Use that canvas to tap and paint with the song as it plays. As the song plays, your taps are brushed onto a scrolling canvas, lighting up the screen and brining your songs to life.

Once you are done, play back your creation, or share it with friends.

You’ll never look at your music the same way again.

– Use any song from your iTunes library
– Starting palette of 16 colors, upgradable to hundreds of colors
– Starting 7 brushes, upgradable to over 30
– Share canvases and tapscapes with friends via text or email

By Little Potato Software

Download from Itunes

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