THE DOG’S STORY | Arkhip Varfolomeev | Animation studio DAR I 2018 | 8’18 | Russia

All the dogs in this city believe that a magic bone will help them! The nomadic cats led by Khan Catirius attack the prosperous dog city.
Only the main character, Dogge Bob, is convinced that the greed and rudeness will be defeated by Common sense and Intellect!

«The Grand Prix»
Russian festival audiovisual arts «Полярная сова»,Norilsk, Russia
«The Best Animated Film»
Russian festival of short films «Короче», Belovo, Russia
«The Best Animated Film»
XXIII International Festival «Кино-детям», Samara, Russia
«The Best short film made by children»
International Animation Festival AJAYU, Puno, Peru
«The Best Animated Film»
Russian festival of theater and cinema «Green Fest»,Novosibirsk, Russia
«The Best Animated Film»
Russian film festival «Молодой киновек»,Krasnodar, Russia
«The Best Animated Film»
18th Camera Zizanio, Pyrgos, Greece
«The Best Animated Film»
The International KidsNFilm Festival, Solano country, California
The Prizewinner of the Russian competition of children’s animation studios “Утренняя зарядка”, Suzdal, Russia, 2019
«The Best Animated Film»
Russian Open Animation Festival ” Живые картинки”, Arkhangelsk, Russia, 2019
“Super International Public’s Award”
Super International Teenager Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania, 2019

OFFICIAL SELECTION of the International Сhildren &Youth Animation Film Festival “chiyoko”, Zurich, Switzerland, 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTION of the 8th International Сhildren &Youth Film Festival ENIMATION, Maribor, Slovenia, 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTION of the IV Children’s festival of animated films « Радость миру», Novosibirsk,, Russia, 2018
OFFICIAL SELECTION of the Young Anаmators International Film Festival , New Delhi, India, 2018

OFFICIAL SELECTION Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival, Oakland, California, 2019
OFFICIAL SELECTION 10th Annual Providence Children’s Film Festival, RI, USA, 2019
OFFICIAL SELECTION LittleBig International Children’s Film Festival, Almaty, Kazakhstan,2019
OFFICIAL SELECTION Little Big Shots International Film Festival For Kids, Melbourne, Australia, 2019
OFFICIAL SELECTION Imagination Lunchbox International Children’s Film Festival,Baltimore, Maryland, 2019
OFFICIAL SELECTION San Diego International Kids’ Film Festival ,CA, United States, 2019
OFFICIAL SELECTION Global Youth Film Festival Bangladesh, Dhaka,Bangladesh, 2019
OFFICIAL SELECTION Adelaide International Youth Film Festival, Adelaide, South Australia, 2019
OFFICIAL SELECTION International Film Festival, KinoDUEL,Minsk, Belarus, 2019

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