The Hole Shortfilm

Tuelrron and Sepi are trapped into the hole. How can they get out?

This is my final course project that I studied in CICE, school of new tecnologies in Madrid, Spain, between april 2007 and april 2008. I strated to develop this shortfilm in april 2008 and finished in july 2009.

I used 3D Max Studio for modeling, texturing and rigging characters, sets and props. For the post process I used Combustion and Fusion and for editing Adobe Premiere.


Character Modeling and texturing
Mario García Nogales
Marcos Gil

Sets ans props Modeling and Texturing
Mario Garcia Nogales

Character Rigging
Mario Garcia Nogales

Sepi Animation (the fat guy)
Mario Garcia Nogales

Tuelrron Animation (the skinny guy)
Marcos Gil

Render, lighting and compositing
Mario Garcia Nogales

Music and effects sounds
Esaú Díez

Karin Private
Dani Sarmiento

I hope you enjoy it!

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