In these trying times I started to wonder if I was contributing enough to society.

For years, I used to think that I wasn’t doing anything very valuable in life. I thought of myself as “just a cartoon writer.” Years later, I realized I was wrong. When grown men and women found out who I was and what I wrote they were in awe. “You wrote the Muppet Babies?! I loved that show!”

Many more were equally enthusiastic to find out I had written most of the Super Friends episodes. These people would tell me that not only were they entertained by my writing but that they actually got the moral and ethical messages I embedded in my work and told me how meaningful it was to them.

That’s when I realized that I wasn’t “just a cartoon writer”. I was contributing something very valuable to people’s lives. 

It is vital that we, as industry professionals, understand how important we are. This is especially true now that we are facing a global pandemic. As animation writers, producers, directors and artists we have, over the years, produced thousands and thousands of hours of programming that children today, who are forced to stay inside, can watch for their enjoyment and education (not to mention to keep them glued to the tube instead of driving their parents crazy).

So, kudos to all of you creatives out there. Acknowledge yourself as I have and always remember: You are not just a cartoon creator; you are a vital part of the creative flow of life.

Stay well. Stay creative.


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