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The Power Of Owning Your Work

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The Power Of Owning Your Work

The assistant at the family-run pasta shop is giving me instructions about how to cook the fresh ravioli she’s wrapping up for me to take home.

She never ones refers to it as ‘the ravioli’ during the entire conversation. Whenever she speaks about the pasta her family makes fresh on the premisies every day, she describes it with pride as, ‘my ravioli’.

‘You can’t fail with my ravioli. My ravioli doesn’t need an elaborate sauce to make it taste great. That’s why people always come back for my ravioli.’

She was signing her work with every word. The way she speaks about her product makes it better and more valuable to the people lucky enough to eat it.

How are you owning the work you’re proud of?

Image by Jametlene Reskp

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