Tortoise is a different kind of newsroom. Not breaking news, but what’s driving the UK and world’s news. Not the news as it happens, but when it’s ready.

To live well in an age when everything moves at breakneck speed, we need to take the time to investigate what’s really going on, to make sense of the forces shaping our future.

We are focus on the Big Fives forces shaping our lives: technology, capital, the 100-year life, technology. We’re not going to cover press conferences. We’re not racing after breaking news. We won’t just report on stories, we’ll take an interest in them. We care what happens next. We want to understand the issues and make for a better 21st century – with your input.

We aren’t a news subscription business. Tortoise is for members. We are currently in beta and will open to new members soon.

Tortoise membership includes:
Tortoise Daily: the slow news feed. No more than five concise articles, landing once a day – generally of a morning
Book tickets to ThinkIns – your membership includes a minimum of 10 per year (normally £25 per ThinkIn)
Explore the ThinkIn programme; live, unscripted discussions in the Tortoise newsroom and around the UK
Access to Tortoise Notes the pre-event primer and the Tortoise Take, post-event debrief
Save and store favourite articles to build your own slow news archive
Manage your membership profile and account settings
No Wi-fi? No problem. You can read on or offline
This app is ad free

We want to build a journalism that lasts. A business model that’s responsible and sustainable. We’re not going to take ads, we’ll never sell your data. We’re not owned by a proprietor with an axe to grind. We’re independent of political party or commercial agenda. That’s why it’s not simply about driving readership or just selling subscriptions. It’s about membership – being part of it is more important than just paying for it.

Tortoise has created a place, in the real world and the digital one, where you can come, learn and tell us what you think.

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