Traditional Animation

Animated short film, directed and home produced between 2012 and 2016.
Medium : Traditional hand drawn animation on paper.

Unlike traditional TV promotion, a carefully-crafted and specific internet video marketing campaign will save you and your company thousands of dollars. Though TV marketing can get a wide audience, targeted online advertising can hit your very specific audience by focusing on those searching for your products or services on the internet. Regardless of the kind of business you’re in, communicating the advantages of your products and services through a rich and powerful video expertise boosts conversion rates and sales.Video Animation Services is essential for your company’s branding and ranking on the most famous clips and news search engines.

Online video has eventually entered into its own since today, with broadband usage, it just succeeds. YouTube’s instantaneous victory is a testament to the desire for online marketing. It is fast becoming the most well-liked structure for consuming online content. Most of the video sharing sites allow visitors to copy code to paste clips into their own websites and blogs, efficiently extending the reach of your vids. And people are not simply viewing video online, either. They’re taking it with them by downloading video shows to their portable gadgets like the video iPod, video game console and PlayStation Portable. Now cell phones have the ability to see YouTube videos.

Online video advertising reaches your exact viewers. We are now living in a fast-paced, technical society where the average attention span of internet user lasts no more than a few seconds. To an ordinary user, enjoying a two-minute video is much more attractive than reading a whole page of text for two minutes because videos on your site may bring it to life with animated pictures and sounds. An eye-catching and engaging internet video marketing strategy can instantly get a user’s interest. If you’ve harnessed someone’s interest during those first crucial seconds through engaging internet video marketing, it implies you have attained success in getting your information across.

Internet video marketing isn’t just publishing a viral video on online video sharing sites and expecting people to click. A well-crafted and distributed internet video advertising campaign has great reach, now that video sharing sites enable visitors to share videos by copying a pass code for the video to be inlaid on their own blog or social networking sites.

Video marketing services can help reenergize your business and website with refreshing article that’s at once thrilling, informative, and unique. They create entertaining yet educational clips and market your viral vids in accordance with strategic internet advertising competence. These services ensure your submission is created and sent out in such a way that it will be searchable for your targeted viewers. Your internet video marketing campaign may be seen, be heard, and most importantly, be forwarded as a viral video via internet video portals. They select the correct viral vids avenue for you so your viral advertising campaign will reach the right audience at the proper time. Moreover, online marketing campaigns are modified to suit your company’s internet branding strategy.
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The Inspector and the Umbrella by Maël Gourmelen from Maël GOURMELEN on Vimeo.

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