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Trump Accused of Sexual Assault in E. Jean Carroll’s Memoir


Trump Accused of Sexual Assault in E. Jean Carroll’s Memoir

One of Ms. Carroll’s friends, the magazine reporter, confirmed with The Times that Carroll called her shortly after the events described in the book and told her what had happened. The friend, who asked The Times to withhold her name because she feared negative repercussions that could result from the book, said she urged Carroll to report the incident to the police and offered to go with her. Ms. Carroll seemed conflicted about what to do, the friend said, and even laughed about it.

Her other friend, the TV anchor, also confirmed with The Times that Ms. Carroll described the assault in the days afterward. She also asked The Times to withhold her name.

Ms. Carroll said that she didn’t dwell on her memories in the years after it happened. “I am one of those people who puts the past clearly behind them,” she said.

But in the book, she hints at lasting trauma, when she notes that after the encounter, she never had sex with anybody again. “Maybe all this just killed my desire for desire,” she said in the interview.

The memoir, which The Times obtained a copy of, is described by her publisher as a “darkly funny and very personal” account about Ms. Carroll’s “sometimes very dark history with the opposite sex.”

She accuses other powerful men of sexual harassment, including former CBS’s former chief executive Les Moonves, as well as her encounters and troubled history with mafia bosses, media titans, boyfriends and husbands and a serial killer.

A spokesman for Mr. Moonves didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. In the New York excerpt, he denied that the harassment occurred.

Lawyers for St. Martin’s conducted a legal review of Ms. Carroll’s memoir, said Elisabeth Dyssegaard, executive editor at St. Martin’s.

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