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Undertale / Dancetale – I’m Blue (Remix) (Sans Animation AMV)

Source by Cheetah

25 thoughts on “Undertale / Dancetale – I’m Blue (Remix) (Sans Animation AMV)”

  1. Vuxvux fan and nightcore says:

    @jazzmyn-partridge: Imma go sub

  2. sans says:

    @user-573036796: j

  3. jazzmyn partridge says:

    im am a you touber im jazzmyn.partridge

  4. Determined Karma says:

    i would beat of a guy lol

  5. Alyson Lincoln says:


  6. Over-℗᷏͛ (オピー) (深遠話者) says:

    this is not undertale at all… this is just the meme…

  7. itz_me_meku says:

    love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dink Maem says:

    Isn’t this exactly like the I’m Blue Trap Remix?

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