Whitman Animated! 200th Birthday of Walt Whitman

Short animated films created to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of Walt Whitman’s birth.

Eight of the films are from the Pacific Northwest. Of the 13 films, eleven were made specifically for this showcase, two films by first-time filmmakers, a range of styles and techniques with a focus on traditional printing methods, and a range of ages: the youngest participant age 5.

This showcase screened at the Norwest Film Center on May 30, 2019, Roll-Up Gallery May 31, 2019. The Center for Book Arts in New York in the Fall of 2019.

Produced by Marilyn Zornado

Whitman ANIMATED : List of films

I Celebrate and Sing Myself (2019)
Marilyn Zornado / Portland, OR
Calligraphy, natural dyeing, AfterEffects 1:30

The World Below the Brine (2019)
Joan C. Gratz / Portland, OR
Claypainting, AfterEffects 2:05

Noiseless Patient Spider (2013)
Lisa LaBracio / New York, NY
Scratchboard 1:05

Miracles (2019)
Bridget Henry / Santa Cruz, CA
Woodcut animation 2:13

The Gift (2019)
Deanna Morse / Grants Pass, OR
Stop-motion 2:00

Of All Dangers to a Nation (2019)
Saskia Jetten / Burnaby, Canada
Stop-motion and mixed media :52

Golden Door (2018)
Vanessa Cruz & Sheila Goloborotko / Jacksonville, FL
Mixed media 3:45

To A Stranger (2019)
Barbara Tetenbaum / Portland, OR
Letterpress animation 1:26

When the Full-Grown Poet Came (2019)
Teresa Drilling / Portland, OR
Stop-motion 1:30

Crossing Brooklyn Ferry, Part 5 (2019)
Kathy Kuehn / Portland, OR
Punched paper 2:20

Live with the Animals (2019)
Leisa ReFalo / Portland, OR
Illustrator and AfterEffects 1:23

Perfumes (2017)
Sophie Koko Gate / London, UK
Mixed media 2:21

Walt’s Love Light Loop (2019)
Devon Damonte / Olympia, WA
Letterpress printing direct on film 1:20

Intro and Closing Credits
Marilyn Zornado / Portland OR
Lead type, After Effects

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