Whitman ANIMATED! A Celebration of Walt Whitman’s 200 Birthday

An showcase of animation and poetry in celebration of the American poet Walt Whitman’s 200th birthday.

Portland-based animator Marilyn Zornado reached out to a handful of other animators from around the globe including Northwest-based artists Devon Damonte, Teresa Drilling, Deanna Morse, Barbara Tetenbaum, and Academy Award-winner Joan C. Gratz, to create new short works representative of Whitman’s writings.

Most Americans are not aware that Walt dropped out of school and started work as a printer’s devil at age 12. Several of the films in the program were created with hand-set type to honor the influence type had in his work and life.

Whitman ANIMATED : List of films

I Celebrate and Sing Myself (2019)
Marilyn Zornado / Portland, OR
Calligraphy, natural dyeing, AfterEffects 1:30

The World Below the Brine (2019)
Joan C. Gratz / Portland, OR
Claypainting, AfterEffects 2:05

Noiseless Patient Spider (2013)
Lisa LaBracio / New York, NY
Scratchboard 1:05

The Gift (2019)
Deanna Morse / Grants Pass, OR
Stop-motion 2:00

Of All Dangers to a Nation (2019)
Saskia Jetten / Burnaby, Canada
Stop-motion and mixed media :52

Golden Door (2018)
Vanessa Cruz & Sheila Goloborotko / Jacksonville, FL
Mixed media 3:45

To A Stranger (2019)
Barbara Tetenbaum / Portland, OR
Letterpress animation 1:26

When the Full-Grown Poet Came (2019)
Teresa Drilling / Portland, OR
Stop-motion 1:30

Crossing Brooklyn Ferry, Part 5 (2019)
Kathy Kuehn / Portland, OR
Punched paper 2:20

Live with the Animals (2019)
Leisa ReFalo / Portland, OR
Illustrator and AfterEffects 1:23

Perfumes (2017)
Sophie Koko Gate / London, UK
Mixed media 2:21

Walt’s Love Light Loop (2019)
Devon Damonte / Olympia, WA
Letterpress printing direct on film 1:20

Intro and Closing Credits
Marilyn Zornado / Portland OR
Lead type, After Effects

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