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WinSing Animation Expands Distribution in Growing Asian Markets


WinSing Animation Expands Distribution in Growing Asian Markets

WinSing Animation is expanding distribution of its growing library of diverse and kid-friendly content in various Asian markets. Recent moves include:

GG Bond: Dino Diary S1 premiered in Singapore on August 30.

  • The series follows GG Bond and his fellows as they journey back to Mesozoic Era discovering puzzles hidden behind every fossil. After every adventure, GG Bond returns to the museum with more information of dinosaurs. The show entertains kids while teaching them about dinosaurs.

GOGO Bus coming soon to audiences in Vietnam and Taiwan.

  • The new animated series is an edutainment program based on social and emotional learning. The series features an AI school bus that transforms into different vehicles to keep kids safe.

Crazy Candies S2&3 and Doby & Disy S5: Hello Dream! hitting Thailand in September.

  • Crazy Candies follows a group of happy candies living in a Candy Jar. They try their best to satisfy a picky customer who is looking for a secret recipe hidden somewhere where in the world.
  • Doby & Disy are two little bunnies travelling around the world with a special “Dream Airship” that helps kids make their dreams come true. Whenever there is a need, these bunnies always show up with their magic, helping kids overcome obstacles and preparing them to fulfill their future dreams.

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