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Breaking Boundaries in Beijing | Animation World Network

Although held in my own backyard, I haven’t attended the Beijing International Film Festival for a while. But last week I had good reason to peel myself away from work and family obligations to attend this year’s festival, for the sake of an invitation and

Everyone Speaks | The Story of Telling

If you search ‘best breakfast in Hobart’ on Trip Advisor, you’ll find a tiny, backstreet cafe in the number one spot. This cafe opens for six hours each day, only seats a dozen people and has a queue of eager diners waiting outside before it

The Politicians Who Love “Ulysses”

You can tell that the race for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination is getting serious because the candidates are talking about . . . James Joyce. Pete Buttigieg and Beto O’Rourke have gone out of their way, in interviews and public events, to embrace the Irish master; Joe

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