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At ASF, we will provide you with excellent stories that will help you make your choice in the world of short films before learning animations. In as much as we motivate young people, blog lovers and all those that have a legitimate interest in the creative medium to make their animated films, we do not stop at motivations. We tell the most encouraging and exciting story about animation movies

ASF is fully aware of the challenges that are encountered by creative individuals on a daily basis. We, therefore, respect creative individuals and upcoming artists. We work hard every day at ASF to create a solution to creative individuals’ most significant challenge – the challenge of a platform to put their content.

We welcome you to be a part of our ever-growing society. We look forward to knowing more about you and achieving a lot together

Mission Statement

We are dedicated and focused on bringing together the beauty and brain behind short movies through quality and creative articles that will inspire the young minds to pursue their dreams. ASF has the goal to create a comprehensive reform and become the most recognized global platform for exciting and well-researched articles and blog on latest, updated and fascinating short movies.

At ASF, we cherish and value the younger generation. We design an inspiring platform for children and youth to become motivated towards directing and making their animations and short movies.

We are here to build an exceptional and grandeur future for animation and short movie makers.

Vision Statement

Inspiring the young minds to tell their animation stories through short movies that will someday be seen in the theatres and transform the entertainment industry

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