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Small Fish in a Big Pond

I catch up with my podcast pal Brendan Davis on episode #108 of “Big Fish in the Middle Kingdom,” with another side dish of “Fretful Laowai.” Lots to share on life in China and percolating projects – including the long journey of 《神隐桃花源》(“Hidden in the Peach

Podcast Ep. #056 – Dweebs

The Blender Animation Studio is back with the announcement of a new short open movie project, Blender Cloud got a new shiny workshop, we talk about the updates on and much more. Join us for Podcast #56! In this podcast: Hjalti, Andy, Francesco and

Episode 38: Paul Germain | Nickelodeon Animation Podcast

Rugrats co-creator Paul Germain belongs in the Animation Hall of Awesomeness for his work on the seminal Nickelodeon show. And then there’s that little thing called The Simpsons that he developed as shorts on The Tracy Ullman Show. Then there’s Recess. And Lloyd In Space.

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